Coastal Medical Billing

Doctors too busy with paperwork to do their jobs
Medical Billing Services and Accounts Receivable Management

Coastal Medical Billing specializes in collecting funds. Our expertise allows us to focus on maintaining a steady cash flow for your business while you focus on providing quality healthcare.

Whether you are a healthcare provider serving patients in Beaufort, Brunswick, Hinesville, Hilton Head, Jesup, Savannah, Statesboro, or anywhere else, Coastal Medical Billing can help you. We offer a full range of medical billing services that handle all aspects of the medical billing process including accounts receivable management. Our services include claims submission, management reporting, payment posting, and denial management. With over 230 years of combined healthcare billing experience, Coastal Medical Billing is an industry leader.

Medical Billing Services

Here at Coastal Medical Billing we are well aware and well equipped to handle the frequent and confusing changes that occur in today's uncertain healthcare climate. Because our goal is to collect funds that are due healthcare providers, it is our responsibility to keep up with the complexities and requirements of CMS and other payers. We pride ourselves on our ability to follow up on the unpaid or rejected claims and to work with the payers to get rapid resolution of denied claims.

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts receivable management is one of the most challenging and important aspects of running any business. It is even more of a challenge for healthcare providers who are usually at the mercy of 3rd party payers for payment. Many medical providers adhere to a less than disciplined approach for collecting funds. This causes an unsteady and inconsistent cash flow. Coastal Medical Billing is dedicated to getting our clients reimbursed as quickly as possible. We have made the necessary investments in hardware, software and personnel to ensure that your cash flow will be consistent and reliable. Our clients have an average A/R of less than 30 days.


Our services are usually provided for a percentage of net collections. The percentage we charge varies for each client. We base our fee on several factors including the amount of support needed, volume of claims and the size of each claim. We work with each client to customize a solution that is fair and maximizes their revenue.

If you are interested in seeing what it would cost to use Coastal Medical Billing please give us a call. Let us help you with the challenges associated with medical billing so that you can maximize both your time and revenue.